My next-door neighbor

My next-door neighbor

Grandma's porch in March
Grandma's porch in March

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.

This little snapshot of southern goodness is the house next door, my grandma's house.

I know, it really should be on the cover of Southern Living. Maybe an album cover? Just waiting for the right opportunity to come along to cash in y'all. I'll even license it out to the Levy County travel bureau, if there is such a thing.

In a single shot, (On an iPhone no less. And yes it's been run through an Instagram filter, calm down.) this picture just emotes all kinds of warm fuzzies. It captures the exact emotions I will always want to feel when I think about her house. Spanish moss swaying, azaleas blooming, late afternoon sun making everything glow and warm and hazy. Sigh.

Kanye did say it best:

And the weather's so breezy

Man, why can't life always be this easy?

Obviously the rest of the song isn't applicable.

Anyway, this picture just gives me serious nostalgia.

So, I don't visit my grandma as often as I should. Part of it is complacency I suppose. She's right next door; I can visit any time, I tell myself.

But I rarely visit.

I'll be hanging out with her more often in the coming days and weeks and months. I plan to share her stories on here now and again, mainly so I can get back into the habit of writing and storytelling.

Because right now I feel like this is a how-now-brown-cow, unique New York kinda moment. And I'm hoping I can revive that magic ~voice~ and tone this blog carried several years ago.

Clearly, these posts are not heavy reading or laden with angst or intellectual, between-the-lines innuendo. That's not the point of this thing anyway. It was never meant to be  something that dissects the neo-political links between art and government. Or something like that. Not that those things aren't important. They just won't be found here. Probably. I don't know. Maybe one day when I'm feeling super smart or something.

No, this is just basically me talking about things that are irreverent, yet still important. Trying to figure out stuff.

And dang, if I can't do these things on, where can I do it?

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