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HEY KIDS. Whoah, sorry for the massive delay in posts. Apologies to the select few who've griped to me about the lack of blogs ;) Let's get to it!

scupper -- to defeat. This is a naval term -- originally meaning to sink an enemy ship -- which has crept into everyday British speech. So you might scupper someone's plans, or your own plans might be scuppered.

So let me tell you a little more about this program I'm doing. It's through UF's College of Business in partnership with FIE, the Foundation for International Education. FIE is an organization that has study abroad programs in London, Rome and Madrid. What really drew me in was the opportunity to take some great electives and the internship placement.

Back in April, I filled out an application detailing what sector in which I'd like to work. The offerings ranged from the typical business-type sectors -- finance, marketing, etc. -- to creative areas like design and music. Various media are one of the choices as well, so I'm hoping to be placed with either a new/emerging media company, an online journalism operation or traditional print.

As it stands, I've yet to find out where I'm working. We interview next week.

I'm told it's "normal" to not hear back up until possibly the last minute. OK, cool.

Except, being the crazy, overly analytical person that I am, my concern is that they saw my clips, CV and cover letter and the companies they're trying to place me at are scratching their heads as to whether they want to hire me or not. AWESOME.

But I say all of that to say this: enthusiasm is apparently discouraged at the workplace. Most of you guys know me pretty well. I can get pretty goofy or giddy, when I'm in a good mood anyway. We were informed at one of our orientations that "American enthusiasm" can be off-putting to the stiff-upper-lipped Brits.

The Brits take on an air of detachment and formality when it comes to business.

Compound that attitude with the fact that they are incredibly indirect and vague with requests and answers, then stir it all into a big ol' pot of prawn stew and BAM, you've got a noxious feast for an anxious American. (Actually, do either Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver have a catch phrase? Nigella Lawson? Bueller?)

Once I do find out where I'm free laborin' it, I'll be working 9 - 5 three days a week starting Nov. 1.

Until then I'm doing school work just as I would back home. That is, waiting until the last minute to write a paper, deciding I don't want to write said paper, waking up before the sun the day it's due to write it, going to class looking like death, and having the professor call me out on my chic, death-warmed-over-looking face.

Business as usual.



Crazy times