American honey

chuffed -- delighted, pleased. Often used in the phrase chuffed to bits

Two weeks. I've made it.

The walk to class doesn't seem as long anymore. Hopping on the tube is close to second nature. Cooking for one doesn't phase me as much. I'm even adjusting to the itty bitty living space that's become something of a home.

But while I feel like I'm settling into the cracks and creases of London life, sometimes a brief, faint pang of homesickness tries to shimmy its way in.

I try to push it back out.

If I dwell too much on the things, or people, I miss, it'll only stunt any personal growth I'm trying to nurture while I'm here. It's hard though. I talk with my mom and dad practically every night. It's amazing how easily accessible family and friends are, but every time I talk to them through the computer I'm reminded of how far apart we are.

It's a specific kind of happiness and sadness.

This last week I've been thinking about home a lot. Not just my house or my semi-clean room. More like a jumble of memories and feelings, smells and sounds. It's more abstract than my little house nestled between my grandma's and the 'ole ball coach's. Being out and away for the first time in my life has been great in the that sense I can categorize and mentally label so much of what I've done in the last few years.

While I was in the middle of school and work and home, I felt I was getting so much of nothing done. But now that I can see from a different perspective, I know that I accomplished a lot good things. In a way, I found out too many ways how NOT to do something. Whether it was putting off laundry for weeks, sitting in my room because I didn't feel like being around people, or just watching days worth of TV shows because I didn't want to study (which ended up reflecting quite evidently in a semester's worth of grades), it's amazing how silly that all seems now.

I'm also listening to a SMIDGEN of country music.

Whoah. I just felt y'alls collective gasps.

What can I say, it reminds me of home, sort of. (As in AMURICUH.) It also makes me want to visit the mountains and have biscuits and gravy.

If only.

The following slide show is a bit picture-intensive. But it'll give you a good idea of most of the things I miss. There's music too, fair warning.

Crazy times

Always one

Always one