Always one

Always one

carry the can -- hold responsibility, take the blame. For example: "If that plan goes wrong, it'll be you that carries the can."

You guys know about Debbie Downer, right? One of the consistently funniest sketches on Saturday Night Live? (Yes, I still watch it.) No? Please see exhibit A:

That skit STILL cracks me up every time. Not only are the lines hilarious, but watching the cast just break down and collectively lose it makes it one of my favorite skits of all time. (OF ALL TIME. *Kanye shrug*)

Well, this post doesn't have anything to do with London directly. In fact, most of you have experienced the Debbie Downer in your own walks of life. So, this could happen everywhere.

But for me, it's happening in London. In my residence. On my floor.

There is a communal kitchen on every floor of 'ole Metrogate, my residence. Hearkening back to olden times when individuals would commune and interact, this is now where poor, anti-social students are subjected to chance encounters with flatmates and forced to actually strike up conversation.


Sometimes, even eye contact!

Well, one night, my fellow UFers and I met our floor's Debbie Downer. For reasons of privacy and for the betterment of all (namely my own personal safety), Debbie will remain anonymous.

If you watched the above clip, you've got a good idea of what Debbie is like.


This particular Debbie Downer is some sort of hybrid superhuman. Like, a cross between a I-have-a-comment-for-everything-no-matter-the-subject person and I-will-also-ruin-your-day-with-the-latest-unemployment-figures person. Not only will she liven the conversation (or whatever shred of it you've managed to assemble with others) with depressing factoids, but she will also tell you how toasters work, or why ice freezes or what dust bunnies do at night.

Regardless, I think I'm learning to adapt to her ways. What's that? She's telling me about how America is battling a bedbug epidemic and how bedbugs are mostly active at night and their hosts can't usually tell if a smattering of insects are feasting on their arms?

No matter. I can counter her spiel on the failure of the Orkin man with why Jess is better than Dean, or why Victoria's Secret added animal prints to rose patterns.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just hitting that week-and-a-half slump. (I know, I feel like I've been gone for years. It's not been two weeks even.) Then again, maybe I should just stop hanging out in the kitchen and go out and do something.

Look! New pictures.


Clouds rolling in over the Thames
Clouds rolling in over the Thames

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