Sausage rolls

Ow do? Let's dive right in.

draughts - (pronounced 'drafts'); called 'checkers' in the US

Today's word is a bit of a stretch for this story. I was looking for a good word that relates to football, or for all y'all Yankees, soccer. Tonight was the match between England and Switzerland for the Euro 2012 qualifier or something or other* according to my sources. No, I don't know why or if this tournament thingy* lasts for two years. I've only been here a week.

*Technical terms

Anyway, my flatmates and I were looking for a good pub (which doesn't mean bar; it's an abbreviation for public house, where the public just gathered to read, eat or hang out). We decided instead to take a leisurely 45-minute tour of South Kensington by foot in search for said pub.

We ended up at the one down the road from our house, Ye Olde Gloucester Arms. (It's only called the Gloucester Arms. C'mon, not everything in England is prefaced with Ye Olde.) ((Only the American interpretation of English places.))

This particular pub is the one we visited our first night here. That first night was the same night we all had been up for 48 or more hours. It was also the night we looked for a grocery store. We also had registration right after we arrived. Point is, I was tired and cranky.

I was a little anxious and eager (note, I used both words because there IS a distinction!) to try out some real British pub food. Lord knows Fish and Chips is off the menu thanks to my seafood aversion. Also, Shepherd's Pie is a no-go due to the mashed potatoes and lamb, probably. I searched the menu and decided on something familiar enough: Sausage Roll.

Kids, let me break out my Internet charts to illustrate what happened next.

What I was expecting.

What was placed before me.

Initial reaction.

What I tasted (assumption).

Me after trying this concoction and realizing dinner wasn't happening.

So now I've created my own entry in the BLC. Anything that's awful or lame is now deemed "sausage roll." For instance, breaking my bottle of perfume tonight was definitely sausage roll.

Now you try!

Oh and by the way, England won 3-1. I know this because I'm living in ~the future.

Cheers :)

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Always one

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