Learnin' time

Gather 'round children, gather 'round. School's back in session for me, so I'm going to tell you all about my first class. But first, I'm opening today's blog with a little lesson from my handy British Language & Culture book:

to go pear-shaped: to have problems; to fail ('Things were going well, then the finance collapsed and it all went pear-shaped.')

I've decided to make this a regular feature. That way, I can feel like I'm imparting something more than my usual wit and charm.

So tonight I had my first class, History of Modern Design. It's basically a seven-week crash course in Art History. We'll be taking trips to a few museums (which are FREE by the way; my favorite price), different houses and other areas of interest.

The professor is British and she teaches at other universities in the city. Everything she said sounded like it was a voice-over for a PBS special. For instance, read this in your best inner British voice and feel a single tear fall slowly down your cheek:

"This course focuses on Britain and looks at a huge range of objects that have been part of people's lives during the last 250 years, from buildings, to clothes, to London's tube and phones. We look at beautiful objects, useful objects, mass-produced objects, hand-made objects, and many more. The course provides an introductory overview of the history of design in Britain from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, critically examining both the significance of design in the past and our own attitudes to that past."

I had to exercise restraint and not stand up and clap slowly. It reads like a soliloquy worthy of a BAFTA. And this was the first part of our syllabus.

Whatever, maybe I'm just easily impressed.

We spend the rest of class talking about glass bottles and their designs and what they mean in terms of form and function.

For those of you who know my crippling addiction with Coke, you know I was keenly interested in this portion of the lecture.

We also looked at pictures of King's Circus in Bath and compared it with other places like St. Paul's Cathedral and the National Gallery.

I'm sure this will be an enlightening class.


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