A beautiful day in the neighborhood

'Ello kittens! Right off the bat, you do not realize how much we take always-available wifi or just basic data services for granted. I'm pretty limited to my home, Metrogate, or the Foundation House, which is where our classes are in terms of the interwebz.

It's nice being "disconnected" because I get to take lovely walks around our area and see places like these:

Window boxes

Kensington residences

More Kensingon residences

So, the point of today's excursion was to find the local library. As card-carrying members of FIE and Imperial College, we're entitled to sign up for a public library card. After wandering up and down some streets (and one back alley) we found the library. I didn't take a picture because honestly the building is pretty nondescript. Here's High Street though!

Kensington High Street

High Street was so cool. It's like, Archer Road and Newberry Road combined and to the millionth power. The only downside was that it's really crowded, but 1) It's Friday. 2) Labor Day Weekend (Which, we're still trying to determine if they even acknowledge it.)  3) A lot of people live in London.

BACK TO THE LIBRARY. We got to pick out our library card design! Obviously I was entirely too giddy about it. And of course I told the librarian, who was like a college-age guy, that I wanted the most British looking design. And of course he laughed. Here's what I picked:

Kensington Library Card

Another fun surprise on our walkabout was The Daily Mail building.  JOURNALISM. Ta-da!

The Daily Mail Office Building

I'll leave whoever's still reading this insanely long post a few pictures:

More Kensington residences

Residences in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


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