Currently 33,000 feet

Well this is it! I wanted to live-blog my travel experience since I'm all alone until London and you guys are my only company. But, it's harder than I realized. I'm on the plane now and blogging away thanks to God's eighth-day creation, in-flight wifi. Seriously, I checked email, facebook, Twitter and the weather so fast it was like I hadn't seen Internet in weeks (it's only been two hours). Aaaanyway. I'm scheduled to arrive in NYC at 3:03, but the plane took off a few minutes late. The big-girl flight is at 6:45, so I'll probably be updating this little space a lot while I'm waiting. Ok sidenote: there are toddlers just roaming about in the cabin. Well, I've got my mints and my half-ounce of pretzels, lunch time!

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!