Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

We're in the final stretch, kids. Time to start planning what to pack, and more importantly, what to wear. So here's the thing: my wardrobe has been seldom updated in the last oh, five or so years. (Guestimate.) All summer I've been shilling bras and panties and credit cards at good 'ole Victoria's Secret, so I haven't had a need for anything other than Ichibod Crane's fall collection.

Me doing my best Ichibod Crane impression.
"Hi, welcome to Victoria's Secret. Have you heard about the great benefits of our Angels Card?"

Now, I've been working with them for a few years and I've added few items to my  work clothes arsenal, i.e. I just bought a new shirt and cardigan for work THIS SUMMER. Anyway, the point is most of the stuff I wear is black. And I've got more than just black clothes, but I never get to wear them because either they're A. dirty or B. All of the above. See Figure 1.

Clothes on the floor
Figure 1 - A rainbow of apparel

So here's the problem. Besides 35 hoodies in various shades of Victoria's Secret and 102 grey t-shirts, I'm afraid I'm going to be too Oliver Twist for London.

Me doing my best Oliver Twist impression.
Please sir, I want to look like I'm visiting London, not living in its streets.

So far I've purchased an AMAZING new, grown-up purse (Sorry Vera Bradley, it's been a good six years.) I also bought two pairs of dark wash jeans that I figured I can dress up or down. I'm still lacking a coat and some solid boots. Something tells me I can't wear my sandals and flip flops through December. I think I'll do the rest of my shopping over there at the English Goodwill though.

Currently 33,000 feet

Mic check, mic check