About those passport photos...

Along with the millions of applications that I have to fill out (OK, four at the most), I've got to submit a few passport-style photos. Now, I have a passport photo. And I know it's practically a cliché to complain about how awful one's passport photo is, but I kid you not, when I show people that pic, they are literally taken aback with fear and confusion. I don't know what happened to it. I took it at a local postal office, and I made sure to primp and preen beforehand. Hair in place, make-up decent, teeth clean, I mean the whole nine yards. Once it was my turn, I walked into the little room, sat on the stool and readied myself.

"OK - just look at the top part of this camera (see fig. 1) and smile!"

I guess what happened next just confused me. There seemed to be about 60 flashes that went off, things started whirring and I saw this everywhere:

And then the photographer(/mailman?) let out a barely audible, "oh." He quickly assured me it was fine. It wasn't. My hair somehow pulled a Red Sea and split down the middle. Any trace of make-up I had clearly ran away from my face. And despite my prepared-ness, I look surprised to be there. Maybe one day (probably this week, I have little shame) I'll post it on here.


I needed about four more pictures to accompany my visa application and for ID cards. I decided to go the CVS route.

Round 1:

Passport pics at CVS are $8.99. Ok cool. I brought a print out of the UK's guide for visa photos. The measurements were very specific, and I didn't want to chance my visa getting denied. Photo taken. Picture cropped to exact specifications. Six on one sheet. $8.99 plus tax.

Well they ended up being too small to use.

Round 2:

Completely forgot about needing new photos, so another trip to CVS happened. A different one. There are only 85 to choose from in Gainesville. I tell the girl working the register and the photo dept. what happened before. Photo taken. Cropped to be larger than previous pictures. I notice she didn't ask me how many I needed. Only two printed on a sheet. She'd gone back to the register because the only other employee was too busy replenishing the lash blast mascaras. So, I waited.

Twenty minutes later, she reprinted two more sheets so I'd have six total. She let me skip a few people in line since I'd been waiting. (Don't wait in front of the 2/$3 aisle; you'll end up with Whoppers and Milk Duds.)

"OK, that'll be $41 blah blah..."

Wait, what?

"Oh, those are $8.99 per sheet, so."

"Yes, but at the other CVS I was able to get six photos for $8.99."

"Yeah, and now you're here getting new ones because those were the wrong size."


I paid for one sheet and my candy and left.

Round 3:

Einstein said doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is pretty dumb (paraphrase). So this time I went to yet another CVS but during daylight hours. I explained again what's happened and what I needed. I decided to just take yet another photo and just print another sheet. And by the grace of God, the young boy who worked the photo department not only printed out two sheets of pictures, but didn't charge me for either!

Lauren: 2 CVS: 1

Mic check, mic check